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Kährs has been working with wood for more than 160 years.

Kahrs are another technical leader in the design of innovative and environmentally sustainable floors. Kahrs, who were the first company to construct a multi layered engineered floor, are based in Sweden where oak trees are planted and harvested in a sustainable way. The company has continued to innovate and design high performance engineered floors that use a glueless joint system. You have the option of different finishes that are solvent free and really bring out the beauty of the wood. As well as spectacular beauty, Kahrs prides itself on providing boards that are hardwearing and
durable. The floors are available in a range of colours, wood type, size and pattern so there is something for everyone. Many of the designs have surfaces that are scraped or brushed and you can choose from lacquered or oiled floorboards which also gives you a variety of options.

  • In 1857, Kährs is founded in Nybro, deep in the heart of a Swedish forest.
  • Early Sustainable Thinking dedicated to finding efficient ways of using sustainable wood.
  • In 1941, Kährs is awarded a patent for the invention of today’s modern engineered hardwood floor.

  • Solvent-Free Production process, having initiated its own environmental programme long before this becomes general practice in the business.
  • Kährs introduces a new generation of wood floors: Linnea featuring a thin surface layer of wood, but still hard, durable and easy to install.
  • Kährs gains a ISO 14001 environmental certification. Waste products from forest felling provide district heating for the community around the factory.

  • Kährs introduces the world’s first parquet floor with the glueless Woodloc® joint. The technology was seen as revolutionary, resulting in faster laying and perfect results.
  • a new sports floor is launched by Kährs. Advantages include that it can be laid more quickly and over larger areas. The floor is approved for the global standard for sports floors.
  • Kährs launches the next level of the Woodloc® joint system – Woodloc® 5S. These new joints make installation even faster and more flexible, while producing a stronger floor.

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Kährs’ long history is lined with a series of innovations that have shaped the entire global wood flooring industry over the years – from the invention of the multi-layer board to the glue-less Woodloc® locking joint.

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