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Our team of floor sanders at the Edinburgh Flooring Company are experienced in servicing and sanding a range of floors, including pine floorboards, hardwood floors and parquet floors. We are well equipped to make necessary repairs and can seek out reclaimed boards when available. The machines we use are low dust extraction to minimise dust when sanding. The process of sanding used ensures a smooth finish in the wood and we can offer a range of finishes using water based or oil-based finishes. We can advise on our different products and what most suitable for your floor. We can also offer brand leaders in floor lacquers such as Bona that come with environmental credentials as well as providing a beautiful and long-lasting finish.

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All modern sanding projects are completed with specialized sanding machines. The majority of material is removed by large 220 volt belt or drum sander. Belt sanders are preferred for the continuous sand paper belt design to prevent sanding machine marks in floors:
  • 90% of the area can be reached with the belt/drum sander.
  • The remaining 10% left such as edges, corners, under cabinets, and stairs, are sanded by an edge sanding machine.
  • A finishing machine known as a multi disc sander or buffer is then used for the final sanding steps.

Preparation is the first stage of the sanding process:
  • All nails which protrude above the boards are punched down. Nails can severely damage the sanding machines which are being used.
  •  Some brands or types of Adhesives which have been used to secure coverings may need to be removed. Some adhesives clog papers and running gear of the machines used, and some can even make sanding impossible.
  • After the floor is prepared, the sanding begins. The first cut is done with coarse-grit papers to remove old coatings and to make the floor flat.

The research phase is very important.
  • Sanding removes all Patina, and can change the character of old floors. The result does not always suit the character of the building.
  • Sanding old boards sometimes exposes worm eaten cores, effectively ruining the floor’s appearance. This can reduce the sale price, or even cause the floor to require replacement.
  • Sanding removes material, and timber floors have a limit to how much they can be sanded.

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